How to Load CO2 Into an Airsoft Pistol

Bb Gun With Co2 And Bbs

At some point or another, everyone owes it to themselves to take a stab at airsoft. The experienced players know that this is one of the most entertaining games available on the market today. And if you’ve bought an airsoft pistol yourself, there’s only one thing left to do – you need to learn how to use it.

However, it’s not only a matter of pointing and shooting even if you do have the best airsoft gun on the market. There are all kinds of mechanics to the proper usage of an airsoft weapon. And some of them are basic and sound simple enough, but you need to learn how to perform them in the beginning nevertheless. For example – how would you load CO2 into your airsoft pistol?

Don’t worry – we’ll tell you everything that’s prerequisite knowledge right here. So, lock and load – and prepare to do the same with your airsoft pistol!

Airsoft Pistol Parts

Before you can get started on loading CO2 into
your pistol, you need to be aware of all the intricate mechanisms that are
found in an airsoft pistol. Luckily for you, most of these pistols have pretty
much the same basic internal parts; external attachments notwithstanding. So,
this makes it quite easy to learn how everything works – once you’ve seen one
internal mechanism, you’ve seen them all.

With that in mind, you should know that all of
these pistols have a spring that’s used to power the weapon. And this is
precisely the part that determines how quickly your BBs will be launched out of
the gun’s barrel. Apart from that, the other main parts are:

  • Gears
  • Air Nozzle
  • Cylinder Head
  • Piston Head
  • Piston
  • Cylinder
  • Motor

Second Product 2
Second Product 2

The abovementioned motor represents your
airsoft pistol’s beating heart. If you want to get more performance out of your
pistol, this is precisely the part you’ll want to upgrade in order to achieve

Your ammo will be loaded into the pistol’s
magazine. Then, you load that magazine into the gun itself. Once this process
is completed, all that’s left is to pull the trigger – and your BBs will begin
flying at your target, in either semi-auto or auto-style; depending on your gun
and personal preferences.

Loading Basics

Of course, regardless of how well you show to
understand the internal mechanisms of the gun; if you don’t load the CO2
properly, you won’t be able to fire. And not only that, but a badly loaded CO2
magazine can be dangerous as well.

That’s why we’ll give you a set of
instructions to follow while loading the CO2 canister into the pistol. Before
that, though – check if the tank you’ve purchased corresponds to your airsoft
pistol. Once you’re certain of that:

  1. Begin with a pistol that’s empty, and without a loaded magazine inside.
  2. Turn the safety switch on, so that you’re completely secure while loading it.
  3. Inspect the base of the gun, and you’ll find a couple of screws holding a plate in place. Unscrew them carefully, and put them somewhere where you won’t misplace them during this process. They’re generally incredibly small and easy to lose.
  4. If there is a previous tank of CO2 present in the pistol, take it out.
  5. Now that you’ve got an empty slot, push the CO2 tank inside, neck-first.
  6. Insert all of the studs and put the grip cover back in place. Be careful while doing this, as you need to be sure that your grip is aligned with the case.
  7. Put the screws back on in order to lock the canister in place, and turn them clockwise. Do so until they’re fully tightened.
  8. Now your airsoft gun is fully loaded and ready to be used on game opponents!

A Couple of Notes

So, now you’ve learned everything that you
need to know about loading CO2 into your pistol for airsoft. However, while
we’ve already mentioned that the safety switch needs to be on while you’re
doing this – there are also a couple of other considerations to make in terms
of user safety.


For example, you need to be absolutely certain
that any BBs and the magazine are out of the pistol before you begin loading
your CO2 tank inside. Not doing so may cause accidental stray BBs to fly
around, and potentially cause you or bystanders serious harm.

Also, when handling the CO2 tank, you need to
be quite careful – make sure to wear the proper protective gear in order to
cover your eyes and prevent hypothetical damage. Furthermore, only replace the
CO2 tank if you’re sure that it’s completely empty. Otherwise, there’s a chance
that you could end up with residual gas causing extreme injuries.

As we’ve mentioned above, only try to put in a
CO2 tank that’s guaranteed to fit your gun; don’t attempt to make any DIY
alterations in this regard. Apart from that, dispose of any leftover cartridges
of CO2 safely once you’re done. And perhaps most importantly – when you set out
to do this task, we advise being certain that you’ve got every tool you need to
finish this safely and quickly.

Understanding everything about your personal
safety while handling an airsoft pistol is equally important to knowing
everything about the loading process.


So, now you’ve got all of the theoretical
knowledge required to both successfully replace a CO2 canister in your airsoft
pistol, and handle it safely and with care. Understanding the gun’s mechanisms
is also important to make this process and effective and secure as possible.

Right now, all that’s left is to do the steps
we’ve described accordingly, and always have safety in mind. Soon enough,
you’ll be charging across the airsoft field and having a roaring good time with
your buddies!

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