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There aren’t many activities that bring the same level of thrill and excitement as paintball; especially when it comes to fun things you can do with your colleagues and friends. After all, feeling like all of your are taking part in a real battle brings a level of exhilaration that few things can top.

But in order to do your best in the world of paintball, just like in a real battle; you’ll need the best possible gun to do the job right. Naturally, most people who are only dabbling in paintball and don’t partake in the sport professionally don’t have all the money in the world to fork up for a paintball gun. Don’t worry, though; you can find a perfectly good gun for paintball at around 300 bucks, or even less. And we’re here to help you find the right one, with an extensive overview of what the market offers!

So, what exactly will you be buying? The paintball gun is a piece of equipment that’s designed to shoot capsules which are filled with a special mixture of water and dye. The outer layer of the shell has gelatin, that will be spit up upon making impact. Considering that, expanding gas or compressed air are used to hit your target just right.

And depending on how much paintball you’ve played, and the gameplay style you’ve developed; you’ll find that there are many different models of paintball guns that will do the job just fine. For those who don’t want to spend huge sums of money on paintball equipment, we’ve got a great guide on the budget options right here!

1. Empire Mini GS

If you start talking to experienced paintball players, you’ll find that many of them regard the Empire Mini GS as something of a legend in the industry of paintball equipment. And that’s no fluke either, as it’s got a number of great benefits and features that we’ll get into shortly. There’s no doubt about it - this paintball gun owes a lot of its popularity to the fact that it’s a great improvement on its previous iteration; especially in terms of design and accuracy levels.

The gun contains a foregrip that’s built-in, giving you a sizable advantage in terms of strength and confidence on the playing field. Plus, it’s a pretty much hassle-free gun; you won’t have any troubles while removing its tank or hopper. You won’t find a better electro paintball gun in this price range, which is below $300. It’s definitely one of the lighter guns in its category, giving you plenty of versatility too.

The design of its feed neck is definitely cool and compact; giving you a sense of simplicity when you take it in your hand. Plus, its firmness is further established by the usage of extremely durable tabs made of metal. The gun also boasts a couple of firing modes, giving you plenty of options on how you’ll dispatch your enemies.

It’s pretty great for beginners in the world of paintball, as it’s pretty simple for anyone to pick up and use. Though, some more experienced users consider this paintball gun to be far too ordinary. And it does require a battery, which can hamper you in the heat of battle.


  • More accuracy and a slicker design than the previous iteration
  • A foregrip designed to protect the inner parts of the gun and its engine
  • Lightweight and compact design that does not compromise durability
  • Hassle-free option to remove the tank or hopper
  • Easy for newbies


  • Battery-powered operation

Dye Precision Proto Rize


If you’ve spent any time looking for the best paintball guns online, you’ve likely run into the Dye Precision Proto Rize as well. This paintball marker is one that boasts an impressive level of performance on the battlefield. If you need an effective piece of paintball weaponry that fits in a $300 budget, this is a good choice.

This is an electro paintball gun, which will play pretty nicely in tournaments as well; seeing as it has a whopping 4 different firing modes. It’s valve technology gives you a satisfying shooting experience, as its incredibly smooth and quiet. With this piece, you’ll shoot speedy and straight; a quality-made, no fuss kind of gun.

For those more involved in the specifics of paintball, the fact that the materials used in making a gun are crucial is no secret. And that’s why this gun is incredibly good for its price range. Aside from the spool valve, you’ll see it has a quality feed neck, and a slick bolt system with low pressure.

And seeing as the gun provides such good performance, you may be surprised to learn that it’s quite light as well. In fact, you can use it for long sessions without it ever becoming too difficult to carry around; even during run-heavy games. It’s not all about its properly small weight either; it’s also got an ergonomic grip that’s there to ensure it will never be too hard to hold.

The only bad thing that you may notice about the gun is the material used for the manufacturing of the feed neck; it’s relatively flimsy plastic. And obviously, plastic isn’t as durable as some other materials. But in the heat of battle, you shouldn’t worry about this small detraction influencing your performance in the game; it’s really a non-issue.


  • Great entry-level paintball gun
  • Good performance in tournaments
  • Shoots speedily and straight
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic grip for easy holding


  • Feed neck made of not so durable materials

3. Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump

Should you look for something else than the two picks we’ve shown you above, the Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump might be what the doctor ordered.

The easily most impressive part of this gun is the pump style it boasts, giving you speedy and easy pumping action. And if you’re worried about the stability of the gun, don’t be - it’s cocking rods and dual pump provide you with plenty of that.

These rods will help you achieve the perfect feeling of smoothness and security as you deliver each and every pump. The gun also has a design that guarantees the deliverance of a refined and excellent performance. Its simplistic pump design is also great for beginners in the world of paintball; providing them with both a lot of power and a user-friendly experience simultaneously.

Plus, if you’re someone concerned with style, this gun comes in a couple of different colors; giving you the option of choosing the one that most suits your tastes. Also, great ergonomics are an integral part of the design of this paintball gun; it’s pretty comfortable to carry around and hold steady when you need to.

The gun also has an acoustic bolt and ZeRO assembly which go a long way towards lowering the weapon’s operating pressure. And this low pressure makes for a quiet and precise weapon. Indeed, there is a lot to be said for its accuracy and operational efficiency.

 One of the rare issues you may notice about this gun is the fact that it can break a paintball quite often.


  • Speedy and breezy pumping action  
  • Smooth and secure feeling
  • Gives you precision and efficiency while being user friendly
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Excellent ergonomic design


  • It can break a ball relatively often

4. Tippmann A-5

While on the subject of budget paintballs that you will probably find to be to your tastes - there is the Tippman A-5. If you’re looking for a gun that stands apart; the integrated bolt system that this weapon boasts definitely makes sure that it will. It’s also got a sweet and durable body made of pure aluminum, with a smooth and slick black finish. Many people look for an aesthetically pleasing gun for their paintball sessions - and this definitely fits that bill.

Looks aside, it’s important to note that this paintball gun comes from a hugely renowned and reputable brand - Tippman. The product is also a notch above its competition due to its customizable nature. You can exchange various parts and components of the gun, giving you the option of tailoring it to your specific needs with ease.

And don’t forget, it’s under $300 - a hugely important fact for our list of affordable paintball guns. If you’re looking for the best scenario to use this in, we recommend woodsball. The gun’s got a barrel that’s of a pretty high quality, and a diameter of about 8.5 inches. You’ll also notice a low-profile hopper, and other hugely versatility-focused features; like its cyclone feed mechanism.

This gun has a few other benefits, like a rapid-fire mode for speedy shooting, bringing your opponent a dazzling 15 paintballs each seconds. Plus, unlike some guns we’ve also recommended - it’s purely mechanical, requiring no batteries at all.

Though, you may find a problem in its lack of any response triggers, something of a disadvantage in the eyes of certain players.


  • Quality integrated bolt system
  • Black finish on an aluminum body
  • Huge customizability
  • Great for woodsball and scenario play
  • Rapid-fire shooting


  • No response trigger

5. D3FY Sports D3S

For many, the reliability of a paintball gun is one of its chief positive traits. And if you’re such a paintball players, the D3FY Sports D3S is definitely the go-to paintball gun under $300. If you’re willing to make a relatively small investment needed to obtain this gun, you’ll get a weapon that looks great and fits most arenas. It’s made out of a combination of plastic and aluminum, definitely making it lightweight enough to be user-friendly for beginners.

Plus, it's a great electronic paintball weapon for beginners because it's pretty simple to use. Its spool valve has low pressure, as well as an astounding 11 different firing modes; there are no kinds of a battle that this gun isn't suitable for. And you won't need to use any additional fittings and tubes, as the gun will arrive with RSE ON and OFF ASA.

One of its practical boons is the addition of a Ronin board as well, giving you an instant notification if there are any changes to the battery life of the device. And it's an incredibly efficient gun in terms of shooting mechanisms; it has unique air ports that greatly reduce the amount of air the gun will use while firing.

An important advantage that this gun will give you is an adjustable trigger as well. Should you require a budget weapon capable of smooth and accurate shooting, there's really no better weapon to turn to. Plus, most users report they're quite happy with the guns red laser system.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most budget paintball weapons, it's not flawless. Its only small problem is the fact that the trigger is a bit awkwardly positioned.


  • Small weight, thanks to the body made of plastic and aluminum
  • Easy to use
  • Many different firing modes for ultimate versatility
  • Battery life notifications
  • An adjustable trigget


  • The trigger is a bit awkwardly positioned

6. Tippmann TMC MAGFED

Another awesome paintball gun that we have no trouble recommending is the Tippmann TMC MAGFED. Really, this is a gun that will allow you to enjoy all the greatness of paintball in a neat, budget-priced package. Right off the bat, we'd like to point out how customizable it is.

To be more precise, it gives you plenty of great options to make adjust it to your gameplay preferences. Furthermore, it boasts a great combo of reliability and functionality; making it one of the finest options for players browsing guns under $300 bucks. Really, it's versatility is something you won't find matched in that price range.

We'll illustrate the abovementioned versatility quite easily - for example, it's compatible both with magazines or a hopper. And you get a hopper adapter in the package, making it quite easy to install one should you want to. From the first moment you pick this weapon up, you'll also find that it's pretty light.

As you might have come to expect from this manufacturer, it's quality is truly top-notch. The gun boasts extremely comfortable ergonomics and well-designed magazines. There's no doubt about the fact that this pneumatic gun is here to stay within the paintball industry. The in-line system for bolt action is well-integrated and provides an enjoyable time in anyone's game.

Though, we'd be remiss not mentioning its only drawback. The sights on the gun are not adjustable for height, meaning certain users might find issues with it.


  • Great customizability, allowing for many accessories to be installed based on personal preferences
  • Incredibly versatile, with both magazines or a hopper
  • Not heavy and quite easy to install
  • Comfy ergonomics
  • Authentic and pleasing look


  • Can't adjust sights for different heights

7. Azodin Blitz 3

We'd make a mistake by not urging you to take a look at the Azodin Blitz 3 paintball gun. In this price range of the market, there aren't many options providing you with a larger degree of performance. Indeed, if you need a gun that's cheaper than $300, while still having top-notch performance and a quality build; buying this Azodin paintball gun will not be a mistake.

Firstly, this is definitely one of the lightest guns you'll find on the paintball market, and there's really no doubt about that. The gun's small weight makes it a pure breeze to use on the battlefield. You can move with complete ease, letting you almost feel like the gun is an extension of your hand

And, as may be important for beginners in this game, it's incredibly efficient. By purchasing this product, you don't just get a gun from Azodin; you'll also receive other tools and equipment you may require. For example, you'll get pods with 140 rounds, and a paintball mask designed without fogging issues. Both will prove to be great boons in the game!

Its feed neck boasts a low profile and excellent design, giving you the option of executing complicated maneuvers with relative ease. And its compressed tank will give you the satisfaction of achieving very accurate shots without much difficulty, with every single press of the trigger. Though, that hardness does not come without a price; some have reported that the gun feels somewhat rigid. And while the package gives you a good bang for your buck, user instructions are basically non-existent.


  • Affordable price coupled with excellent quality and performance
  • Efficient performance for beginners
  • Packaged with plenty of equipment and tools needed for paintball
  • Great feed neck allows for maximum maneuverability
  • A high degree of accuracy


  • Somewhat rigid feel

8. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper

We wouldn't do a list of budget paintball guns any justice without giving another shoutout to Tippman, and their excellent US Army Project Salvo Sniper. Many people who are into paintball like military simulations; which is only logical, seeing as these are the most precise kind of combat you can imagine. And for such paintball players, this is quite an interesting rifle.

First of all, one of the things it's got going for it is the really cool look of the gun. The inline-style system it has, along with an aluminum-based cover give it not only awesome durability; but plenty of performance as well. And for a gun that is this reliable, you'll also find that its dexterity is amazingly high.

In a mechanical sense, it's actually made to look and feel like an actual AR-14. It has about 6 different foldable positions, which gives you a convenient way to handle it regardless of the combat situation you're in. And the gun comes with completely functional Picatinny rails as well.

Compared to other guns in the same price range, the Project Salvo rifle definitely holds up in terms of speed and accuracy. But what sets it apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that it's incredibly quiet, offering you a lot of options in terms of playing stealthily. According to the manufacturer, the gun has a range of above 50 feet.

And if you're worried that this gun is only good for military simulation games, don't worry; it's got plenty of versatility. For example, you can also use it in woodsball with no issues at all.

Unfortunately, you may find difficulties with it in terms of maintenance and upgradeability, as a lot of its features are a part of the external design.


  • Good for entry-level military simulation gameplay 
  • A lot of dexterity and durability
  • Modeled like a real AR-14
  • Great range
  • Extremely versatile


  • Not easy to maintain and upgrade

9. Empire Paintball Slice G36

There aren't many paintball guns that will capture your attention as readily as the Empire Paintball Slice G36. This product is pretty special in terms of realism; it replicated the weapons used by the US Marines to an astounding degree of accuracy. Plus, the gun's electronic grip frame is incredibly beneficial if you're a fan of rapid fire. There is no competition you won't be able to take out quickly with this bad boy.

Plus, this is another awesome option for people who are fond of scenario games; especially military combat situations. If you're such a paintball player, this gun will fit you perfectly. It integrated a completely authentic military style with a well-made and practical product. And best of all, it's not difficult to maintain at all!

Speaking of its practical uses - if you're a player who often finds themselves in a close-quarters situation, this weapon will handle itself perfectly. It's extremely efficient, as you'll need no tools to field strip it; the same being true when it comes to the folding stock. And the manufacturer definitely pulled no punches with the premium quality of the Picatinny rail in the gun.

As we've mentioned above, you'll have no trouble maintaining this gun for a long time, with an easily openable body system precisely for such a purpose. And additionally, all other tools and equipment you might need for the technical maintenance of this weapon are included in the package: such as the electronic frame with different firing modes, a force-feed loader, and a mode grip frame.

 It has no real downsides, save for the fact that it's not the lightest gun you'll find on the market, especially in this price range. 


  • Rapid-fire modes in the electronic frame
  • Excellent for military scenario games
  • Authentic design
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • All additional equipment included


  • Heavier than other similar guns

10. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series

As you can see, we've provided you with plenty of options in terms of budget but premium-quality paintball guns. And now we'll finish this list off with the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Guns. To put it simply - regardless of your preferences when it comes to paintball adventures, this gun is a pretty safe recommendation.

First of all, we're talking about a semi-automatic gun for paintball, making it pretty effortless to use. And even though it's user-friendly even for beginners, paintball veterans also appreciate just how reliable it is. On the other hand, many also praise it for its great degree of customizability. You can definitely give this gun a personal touch, if you're not satisfied with its default features.

This is a semi-automatic paintball marker, which is actually very easy to use. Despite its user-friendly design, I think that it still performs reliably. What I find more advantageous about this paintball marker is that it is easy to upgrade. This means that you can add your own taste to the overall function and appeal of the gun.

For example, there will be no difficulties with accessing the most inner components of this paintball gun, should you want to make additional upgrades or modifications. This Tippmann model has a clever split receiver design, making sure that the overall construction is suitable for user changes. You can easily install a carry handle or different scopes, if you're so inclined.

The top of the gun sports a handy Picatinny rail for mounting. Also, keeping its quite agreeable price in mind, you will find that this gun is a pleasant surprise when it comes to accuracy; you'll definitely have an edge on your local playing field with this gun.

As with the previous gun we reviewed, however - this model may also prove to be somewhat too heavy for the average user. It's not particularly prone to those with a weak disposition who require a lot of maneuverability


  • Not difficult to accessorize
  • User-friendly design with a lot of reliability
  • Modifications and upgrades have a quick installation
  • Highly accurate and quite affordable


  • A bit heavy for the average player

What to Look For In a Paintball Gun Under $300

As you can see from above, you won't be short on options when it comes to purchasing a budget $300 paintball gun. Naturally, though; you need to become at peace with the fact that you will have to make at least a couple of compromises. If these guns were completely perfect, they would be marketed at a far larger price. With that in mind, we'll give you a couple of tips on making the best possible decision when purchasing a paintball weapon. While picking out the best among the cheaper paintball gun options, make sure to keep these factors in mind:


One of the most important factors that determine whether you should buy a budget paintball weapon is the material it's made of. Or rather, the different materials, as it will rarely be just one. This is one of the major factors that separate a quality paintball gun from a disposable one. Obviously, most of these guns aren't dangerous at all, as they're intended for playing something that is, at the end of the day, a game. With that in mind, most guns in this price range are made from plastic. However, if you look carefully enough, as we've showcased above; you may find guns with better-considered materials even in this price range. Before making a purchase, make sure you've checked out how strong, durable and reliable these guns are.

Also, while having quality materials is important; you also don't want a gun that's too heavy, as it will restrict your movement during the game. And in the paintball field, as in real combat - a split second could be all it takes.

Styles and Types

Before buying yourself a budget airsoft gun, you should also learn about all of the different types and styles of guns in this price range. In most cases, for $300 bucks you'll be able to obtain a decent gun for woodsball. These weapons are usually mechanical, large, but also have a fairly simple design.

This kind of gun will do you good regardless of whether you'll be playing in real woods or an organized field. If you choose well, you'll be able to find a woodsball weapon with both efficiency and decent accuracy. Naturally, in such an environment, range is also pretty important.

On the other hand, you've also got the speedball gun. These paintball guns are meant to be used in quicker paintball games. With that in mind, they fire rapidly. And as their name might suggest, these are primarily used by players of speedball.

Lastly, we've got the guns specifically designed for scenario games, some of which we've described above. Typically, these games are meant to be maintained in the field, as the games they're used for can last for days or even weeks. Also, their design is meant to be evocative of real guns utilized by actual militaries.

Shooting Power

At the end of the day, there are certain things that each paintball player is interested in, regardless of style. And among these factors, the probably most important one is pure shooting power. Among the cheaper paintball guns, not all can fit this bill comfortably. That's why you want to buy only from the most trusted manufacturers, even when it comes to their budget models. If you choose carefully, you'll be able to find a gun that works from both a practical and financial perspective


Depending on your preferences, you will want to figure out how heavy a paintball gun you can actually handle. And don't disregard this as less important, as the weight of your gun will have a huge impact on your everyday performance. To be blunt - if it's too heavy for you, you won't find it easy to maneuver around the field.

In that case, don't be afraid to switch to a lightweight model; for example, one that doesn't weigh more than 3 lbs. Remember, you definitely want to be comfortable with your weapon - that's the most important thing.


If you're just getting into paintball, one thing is certain - you don't really know what you're into, not yet anyway. With that in mind, try to get a gun that's as customizable as possible, but within this price range. Doing so will ensure that you've got the option of trying out new things later on, and seeing what you really like.


The functionality of the gun in practice isn't the only thing that's important for many people. You also want to have a gun that's interesting and cool to look at. So, choose one that fits your style the most.

Realistically, you've got the most options if you're into military tactics and simulations. In that case, you'll have quite a few choices to pick from. Also, if you play woodsball, you may want to opt for a more tactical look; that will also give you some camouflage.

Number Of Rounds

When choosing your paintball weapon, also take a look at the number of rounds that the gun in question is able to shoot within a single minute. Obviously, this ties in heavily with firepower; you want to be able to shoot as much per minute as possible.

If you have multiple opponents that you're facing off against, having a gun with a rapid-fire mode will enable you to take them down more easily. The exact number varies, but you don't want a gun that fires less than 12 rounds each minute.

Position and Fit

As we've mentioned already, it's important for you to be completely at ease with how a paintball gun fits in your hand. Don't let the price fool you into buying a gun that sits awkwardly once you actually have to use it. Only choose something you're comfortable carrying all over the field.

The position and fit of your paintball weapon should be designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. If it's not, that you'll find that the mild irritation will be a major distraction in the paintball field. And thus, your average performance will suffer. Keeping this in mind, don't forget to spend enough time checking how you feel about the gun before you actually put down money for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. May I use any paintball gun in a tournament for paintball?

This largely depends on how well you choose your weapon. In the price range that we are exploring in this article, most guns are largely meant for leisurely play. However, if you take a look at the reviews above, you'll find a couple of guns capable of performing admirably in a tournament as well.

Ideally, you want to find a paintball gun that isn't too expensive, but that also has separate firing modes that fit the specifics of the tournament in question. Electro guns are better in this regard, as they can switch modes more easily than mechanical models.

  1. Do I get additional equipment with a paintball gun?

There is no single answer to this question, as the additional tools and equipment you receive with your paintball gun will be dependant on the package in question. In many situations, guns that are within the $300 price range come as a part of deals which include tanks, masks and other pieces of paintball gear. If you want to outfit yourself completely, you may want to search for one of these package deals.

  1. Is a $300 gun good for both speedball and woodsball?

Luckily, you may find paintball guns that are sold for $300, and perform admirably both in speedball and woodsball. As a matter of fact, you can find the starting packages for paintball equipment at about $150; containing a user-friendly gun for both games. As you get more serious, though, you may require specialized guns.

With more experience in the game, you'll learn what weapon features are suited for which environment and type of game, as well as playing style. Thus, you'll be able to pick a gun that fits your budget as well as the kind of game you like playing the most.


 As you can see, it's not that difficult to find a quality paintball gun for under $300. However, if you want to avoid investing a sizable amount of money for a tried-and-true household name; you will have to do quite a bit of online research. Sure, we've provided you with some of the most well-known options right here. But if you want to explore further and try to find a better deal, make sure you're familiar with all of the factors that make a good paintball weapon!

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