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When you want to dabble in airsoft, you definitely want to have the best possible protection - including a great airsoft mask. And if you start looking for one, you’ll see that the market is filled with all kinds of different options

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner, or someone who’s played tons of airsoft; you still need to make sure you have quality protective gear. And when it comes to face protection, this goes double. That’s why we’ve decided to give you a couple of recommendations on proper face masks for airsoft!

Coxeer Full Face War Game Mask Review

We’ll get one thing out of the way pretty quicky - the Coxeer Full Face War Game Mask is one of the best masks you’ll find on the market. And there are no two ways about that; this is a breathable yet durable product, that absolutely everyone will be happy with.

Plus, it’s great for any kind of visibility conditions. Seeing as it’s made out of steel mesh, you won’t find it fogging up regardless of the weather outside.

But the awesome visibility isn’t the only thing that this Coxeer mask can boast with. While its steel mesh doesn’t seem like anything all that special, it actually represents some of the toughest items you’ll find on the airsoft mask market. We’re talking about a mask that can easily handle a whopping 700 FPS without cracking. Seeing as safety is important on the battlefield, this is a product you’ll be happy with in that regard.

One of its other boons is that the toughness doesn’t make it too heavy. In fact, you’ll be able to wear it easily, and it’s got a fairly low weight. Plus, it can fit anyone, as the elastic laces that hold it in place can be adjusted based on your size. And the steel mesh is quite bendable, so you can mold it according to your needs.

And seeing as the mask is made of mesh, you won’t be impaired in terms of visibility nor speaking while you’re wearing it; unlike what happens with the bulky masks made of plastic, which muffle your ears and mouth. Airsoft is a dynamic sport, and every split second counts; so your senses need to be sharp and clear.

Though, we do need to mention that there are certain restrictions in terms of size. The manufacturer’s specs claim that this mask will fit people with heads of 23 inches or smaller. So, before you pay for the order and make it final, you may want to make a quick measurement of your head to be sure it’ll fit.

If you like choosing different colors, know that this comes in 3 different styles; two different camouflage masks, and a black one. Also, the mask will give you more than enough room to add decorations like logos or patches. For those who want their mask to stand out from the crowd, this is a perfect deal.

OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask Review


While the Coxeer is definitely our first pick of the draft, the runner-up isn’t all that much worse. The OutdoorMaster Full Face mask is certainly an impressive product; but it loses first place on account of not protecting the top and back of your head.

Though, if you disregard this one flaw, you’ll find that this is a very cool-looking product; with a lot of practical boons as well. It’s full-frontal face coverage will give you plenty of protection against incoming BBs, and also allow you to see everything with clarity.

And did we mention just how cool it looks?

It’s got a steel mesh that designed to go over your eyes so that you’ve got visibility coupled with protection. And seeing as it doesn’t have the usual goggles, there will be no fogging.

One of the biggest advantages of this mask is the simple fact that it’s extremely comfortable. And at the end of the day, there’s nothing that can quite beat that. After all, you don’t a constant unpleasant irritation distracting you in the middle of an exciting round of airsoft.

When we come to the subject of the manufacturing materials, it’s actually all made out of one synthetic resin piece. That’s awesome because you have no parts to break away or hang loose. This is a very durable product, able to withstand more hits than a professional boxer.

The mask comes with rubber padding on the inside; there’s no chance of it itching or feeling uncomfortable against your skin. Also, thoughtfully enough, the mask was designed with air openings, to allow for better circulation during a physically intensive game.

Lastly, we can also recommend this mask to aesthetic aficionados; unlike most other masks on the market, this doesn’t just come in a couple of styles - but 9 different ones. There are plenty of colors, from an aqua blue to a pitch-black for the minimalists.

 And sure, looking cool is less important than being well-protected; but why not have both? Unfortunately, in terms of safety, the mask doesn’t take the very top spot; solely because it doesn’t protect the back of your head.

OUTGEEK Half Face Mask Review

Our third pick is designed for those who want to have a protective face mask without burning a hole through their wallet. Indeed, the Outgeek Half Face mask is the perfect solution for those looking for a budget airsoft mask. This is a no-fuss, functional mask that has plastic tactical goggles and protection for your lower face that’s manufactured with steel mesh.

If there’s something that’ll draw you toward this mask, it’s the fact that it’s quite customizable, as well as simple to use. With this, your face will never feel too smothered or suffocated. Though, the mask doesn’t protect your lower cheeks, so you can’t expect it to protect the entirety of your face.

When it comes to the goggles, they’ll definitely give you a view that’s clearer than the one with the steel mesh; but only if it’s not foggy outside! Though, that probably won’t be too much of an issue, seeing as these goggles aren’t too prone to fogging up. And not having to wipe the goggles of your mask every couple of minutes is certainly an advantage.

The design of the goggles makes sure they’re foldable and not too heavy, though they might seem bulky on first sight. But in practice, they hold up quite well and fit most people great. Sure, they may need a while before they adapt to the exact contours of your face; but even in that process, they’re not uncomfortable.

One of the biggest advantages of this mask is, as we’ve mentioned above, the abundance of customization options it allows for. Seeing as its made out of two parts, you can combine the mask with other equipment you have.

Obviously, the steel mesh is durable enough to deal with any incoming BB, and all without sustaining damage in the process. During any kind of airsoft match, it will provide protection for a good part of your cheeks, as well as your mouth and nose. And for a budget option, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

There are a couple of different variations of the mask, with some basic colors. And depending on the exact features of your face, this mask may be a little tight; but for most people, it’s a perfect fit. Mild discomfort that you may experience at first will soon disappear, as the mask molds in accordance with your face. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your facial protection for airsoft, and you want some decent quality - this is a great pick.

Gen X Global Stealth Predator Skull Mask Review

As our last suggestion, we’ve got something quite interesting - a mask that was originally designed for paintball. Though, it’s of a high enough quality that you can easily use it for airsoft too. Plus, many veteran airsoft players claim that it’s a great choice - so think about using the GxG Skull Mask

We’re talking about a no-hassle one-piece face protection mask, which gives you decent face and eye protection. It will cover most of your forehead and your lower face - and your ears as well. Unfortunately, this may mean that you don’t have the best possible hearing during an airsoft match. But in terms of basic hearing, you won’t have any issues.

For people who wear glasses, you should know that this mask will fit you greatly. And it’s quite comfortable generally as well; which isn’t something you can always say for plastic masks.

Speaking of the material, the plastic in question is extremely durable; which goes for both the goggles and the mask itself. And seeing as foggy goggles are a common complaint about lower-quality masks, know that most users of this mask report only good things in that regard.

 You may also appreciate the small holes that are designed to be above the visor, allowing for precious air circulation. Though, as with all plastic masks, it’s not pure perfection. Mainly because of the fact that this mask won’t cover the entirety of your head. And while the mask may seem like a heavy one due to looks, it’s actually much lighter than you’d expect.

Airsoft Mask Buying Guide

Lastly, we’ll give you a couple of general tips on picking a good airsoft mask; so you can handle yourself independently of the products we’ve picked here.

Half-face vs. Full-face

First of all, there’s the question of whether you should get a half-face or a full face mask. This is really a matter of personal taste. In most cases, both kinds of airsoft masks will protect your eyes and mouth, which is the most important thing.

Though, there are some other differences. For one, the half-face masks provide more opportunities for customization. And logically, they’re not as expensive as their full-face counterparts. On the other hand, their obvious drawback is the fact that they leave parts of your face exposed to pellets.

On the other hand, full face masks will be more robust, and they won’t be as foggy. In terms of pure aesthetics, they will often simply look better as well. Among more serious airsoft players, these are the more popular option.

Airt Circulation

When you’re running around an airsoft range, there’s nothing worse than your head getting sweaty under the mask. You’ll soon be more tired and gasping for more air. But if you buy a quality airsoft mask, that won’t be much of an issue. Better masks are designed with air circulation in mind, and they’ve got small holes on the surface of the mask that allows for this.


If you’re wearing half-face masks, the goggles might get foggy - giving you a big disadvantage in the game. That’s why most manufacturers market their goggles as anti-fogging, but if we’re being honest; this is mostly nothing more than a buzzword to generate more hype about the product.

For those willing to invest in premium-quality airsoft gear, you can actually find real goggles with anti-fog protection. These have small built-in fans, that provide a stream of fresh air and don’t allow the glass to become foggy.


Lastly, but definitely not least - there’s the question of size. While many airsoft masks have options for adjusting the size of the mask; you want to make sure that you’re buying something that will be a good fit for you. And sure, some of the masks may require more time to break in and adjust to your facial terrain; but don’t mistake a small mask for one that’s a good fit after some adjustment.

And that brings us to the end of our best airsoft mask guide! We hope you enjoyed this one and that you’ve learned something new. Feedback is always welcome, feel free to share the article with your friends. Stay safe, folks!

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